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Dolphin  Ring

Dolphin Ring

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    • Product Name: Dolphin Ring
    • Item NO.: NJS-030401-R6
    • Weight: 0 kg = 0.0000 lb = 0.0000 oz
    • Category: Jewelry
    • Creation Time: 2021-03-04

    • Material : Alloy. Non-toxic, harmless, lightweight, not easy to slip off, long-term and skin contact is not allergic.
    • Jewelry Size: Available in sizes 5 to 10 .
    • Use Occasion : As a gifts for women - Perfect Anniversary gift or Birthday gift for Mom, daughter, Granddaughter, Aunt, Sisters, friend and Other Members. It is a perfect gift for anyone.
    • Product Guarantee :receive the goods, if there is any quality problem, no reason to return, refund. thank you for your purchase.
    • Dolphin ring: meaning is love, symbolizing the patron saint of love, now general couples will also send dolphins to each other, to express their love to each other.
      Dolphins symbolize the patron saint of love, because there is a very beautiful legend:
      Once upon a time, the son of the god violated the taboo of the god world and fell in love with the girl of every world. He did not show his face in the god world and every world. The two men traveled to the ends of the earth and could not find a place of shelter. Only lived deep in the forest the elves sympathy for their situation, and gave the couple a pair of spiritual copper ring, the copper ring to protect them safely across the sea, the god of jealousy, discover the secrets of the copper ring, a pick up and threw it into the sea, lost copper ring asylum lover, waves break up, as though they are still searching for each other, with all my heart, until the last possible moment.
      Dawn will come, see two people will be turned into a bubble, touched by the kind of dolphin, this section of love in the morning will now at the moment of carrying copper ring out of the sea, let the couple to have elf queen's blessing, to be together, at the first light shines on the white sand beach, the beach into happiness of pink, and dolphins also became the patron saint of love. Legend has it that as long as the owner of the dolphin sincerely pray, the expected love will come true. A dolphin's copper ring can protect a pair of lovers from generation to generation.

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